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Weekly Soul Connections 


Welcome to the beginning of your own Personal Soul Success journey. This is a place where people come to:
Refresh their life
If you are someone who is feeling stuck, blocked, unhappy, unfulfilled, or not moving forward in your personal life or business, these Soul Success Transformation Programs will be the catalyst you need to create a lifestyle and career you love.


About Soul Detox

Soul Detox is a ground breaking, in-depth, interactive course that will teach you tools to clear and detox all in your life that keeps you from living life to your fullest potential. You will uniquely attune yourself to your highest vibration.

In the Soul Detox program together we will work through the four quadrants week by week to source and eliminate any blockages in your

  •  Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Energy

To live your life to your fullest potential, your energy and vibrations must be in total flow and harmony.

If you are feeling

  • Stressed
  • Tired
  • Moody or unhappy
  • Money is not flowing to you in abundance
  • Or you are feeling strained in your relationships

It is almost guaranteed that there is a block in one of your soul energy quadrants.

The exciting news is that this is totally fixable. Over the six weeks we will go deep within to find out what your blocks are and then eliminate them to get your soul energy back in high vibration and flow from the inside out.

Weekly Soul Connections

These weekly messages will inspire you to stay connected to your soul’s success and keep you on the right path of living life with ease and flow.

This weekly sharing of soul wisdom will always be relevant to where you are at on your journey and will help guide you in the right direction.

I look forward to sharing these intuitive soul messages from the universe with you.

About Kelli

Kelli Virtanen is an internationally recognized intuitive known as the “Soul Success Coach”
Her greatest gift is the ability to help reframe, realign and reignite their personal success journey in their life, career and wealth aspirations.

She is the #1 Best Selling Author of Spiritual Awakening 8 Keys To Soulful Happiness, and travels the world consulting, training, and speaking at live events.

In her spare time Kelli loves hanging out at her soul success retreat with her husband and two beautiful daughters.

“Accept whatever is greater than your first thought.

Accept the universal gift of enlightenment, love, happiness

 and wisdom and show gratitude for it.

It’s not by chance that you have arrived here today”

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