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For me a I have never  worked a day in my life.
For the last 45 years I have been blessed with a natural intuitive gift that has not only transformed my life but thousands of others over the years.
They call me the Soul Success Coach as my greatest gift is the ability to help people reframe, realign and reignite their personal success journey in their life, career and wealth aspirations.
As an international speaker, author and consultant my passion is helping people release any limiting beliefs that are holding them back. 

Giving them the tools to create a new life success map that brings them more happiness, health and prosperity.
Launching early 2019 we are excited to be launching the following brand new programs including:
• Soul Detox 6 week live program
• 8 Week 1-on-1 Personal Success Program
• 16 Week Personal Success Elite Program
In my spare time I love hanging out at my Soul Success retreat with my two beautiful daughters, husband and local wildlife.

Certification Programs

For those looking to make a career in holistic coaching, we also run regular certification programs in the following areas:
• Energetic Kinesiology
• Intuitive Body Work
• Memory Mentor Training
• Restoration [Negative Energy Healing]
• Coming soon in 2019 will be the brand-new Soul Success Coaching Certification

Kelli Virtanen Certification Programs

Soul Link and Restoration

I am very proud to be the International head trainer for Soul Link and Restoration which assist others in clearing negative charge in any area of your life in less than 20 seconds. Assisting those who wish to help others smash their internal blocks, to create unlimited success permanently.

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